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What To Do After A Hit-And-Run Bicycle Accident

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Hit-And-Run Bicycle Accident in Arizona Legal Help

Arizona Hit-And-Run Bike Accident Legal Help

Seek Advice from a Bicycle Injury Lawyer for Hit-And-Run Accidents

If you have been hit by a car and the driver didn’t stop, you may still have a case – even if the driver is never found.

➢ Uninsured motorist coverage on your own automobile policy covers you in a hit-and-run accident.

Hit And Run Bicycle Accident In Arizona

Hit-And-Run Bike Accident in Arizona Legal Help

Uninsured motorist insurance (commonly referred to as “UM”) is an optional coverage. Most people have UM and don’t even know it. Typically, UM is provided through your insurance company or the insurance policy of a resident relative (that is, someone related to you who lives under the same roof).

UM covers not only car accidents, but also bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, or even scooter accidents, as long as the at-fault driver was using an automobile.

You can determine the amount of UM you have by reviewing your automobile policy “declarations page.” If you don’t have your declarations page, we can help by obtaining a copy for you and determine if it covers your bicycle accident.

Also, your insurance company cannot raise your rates for a UM claim. It wasn’t your fault, and the fact that you were in this collision doesn’t make it any more likely that you’ll be in another accident.

The law prohibits insurance companies from raising rates because of an accident that wasn’t your fault.