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If You Injured in a Bicycle Accident in Scottsdale

Got injured in a bike accident, and seeking not only a trusty lawyer to get the justice you deserve, but fight for the maximum settlement you deserve? Welcome to Bike Guardians, just give us a call and all your inquiries will be solved within a matter of minutes with our high-quality customer service that has made us one of the most trustworthy and reputable bicycle injury-only law firms in Arizona. When it comes to bike collisions and accidents, we have your back every step of the way.

Our Law Firm is Known for Being Trial-Ready

Our firm is dedicated to bringing justice to people who suffer bike accidents in Scottsdale, Arizona, and ensure that justice is served to each one of our clients by fighting for the maximum settlement.

According to Arizona traffic laws, cyclists of any kind have the same rights on the road as other vehicles, and when somebody violates these rights, a grave, if not life-threatening, accident can occur. And if such happens, you deserve fair compensation.

This is where our firm comes in: Bike Guardians is a dedicated personal injury lawsuit firm that can assist an injured cyclist claim financial compensation for their injuries, pay for future medical and rehabilitation treatments, and compensate for the physical and emotional damages the bicycle-to-car accident might cause. Thanks to our years of legal experience, we’ve brought justice to many cyclists like you.

How Can I File a Scottsdale Bicycle Accident Claim?

If you’ve been hit by a car, truck or any other roadway hazard, what are your options?

Again, as we stated before, if this accident was caused by negligence or carelessness, only an insurance company can help you cover your property damage, personal injuries, and suffering. However, when the damage is done by a careless or malicious third party in Scottsdale, then you must file a claim immediately with the at-fault’s driver’s insurance company.

What to do When A Car Hits You

First: don’t overdo it! You’ve just been injured and you need to take things easy, or else, things will worsen. Take a moment to assess yourself, determine the severity of your injuries and immediately contact 911 and the police.

Don’t disregard minor injuries or think that you’re “feeling fine” despite the collision: usually these kinds of wounds won’t be a burden at first, but more than likely will bruise or have a certain degree of inflammation and, or loss of mobility in that affected area. That’s why, after the collision, take a moment to check yourself, call 911 and try to not move a lot until the pertaining authorities arrive. If possible, try to receive assistance from witnesses and/or bystanders until then. It is important to capture the scene by taking pictures if carrying a smartphone or video capturing device such as a GoPro.

Gather Evidence at the Scene

Once emergency services and the police arrive, explain to them that you were hit by a car while riding a bike, that you’re injured, point out the location of the accident, and explain whether the culprit fled or not.

Hopefully, if the at-fault driver remained at the scene, then get as much information from them as you can, such as their full name and contact information, auto insurance company and policy number, and their driver’s license or permit. You’ll also need their vehicle’s information, such as the car’s brand, model, and year, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and license plate number.

Be Careful with What You Say

If the at-fault driver didn’t flee, he or she will surely remain and try to apologize. Don’t fall for it: the apology might or might not be sincere at all, and you may fall into the trap of forgiving the irresponsible driver or even blame yourself for the incident.

Whatever you do, don’t do this

Any kind of remark that indulges the culprit, such as “It’s OK”, “I’m fine”, “I should have been more careful” and other similar statements are called “admissions against interest”, and the at-fault driver’s insurance company will use them against you to reject or reduce your claim during the settlement negotiations.

Just ask for contact and insurance information from the driver, wait for the police officers to arrive at the scene police and give them your statements. Their report will become a valuable piece of evidence for you later on.

Likewise, pay close attention to any admissions of fault by the at-fault driver and take mental notes of what he or she and even what the passengers said. Any kind of admission made by the culprit can help establish fault for the accident.

Find Witnesses and Take Photographs

Immediately point out to the officers any witnesses present in the scene so that their statements can be included in the police report.

Ask witnesses if they can provide their contact information to you and write a brief statement at the scene about what they saw.

In addition to this, or if witnesses are scarce, use a camera or your cell phone to take photos and videos of the accident scene – many of them! – including broken car and bicycle parts, skid marks, street signs, guardrails, and most importantly, your injuries and torn/bloodied clothing.

If you’re too injured after the collision, then find a good Samaritan to collect all this info on your behalf.

Point Out Hazardous Road Conditions

Was the accident caused by roadway obstacles, broken pavement or potholes? Then point out the exact spot where you were injured through photographs and reference points such as stores, cross street signs, and other identifiers. This will help determine whether the state or your local municipality was responsible for the roadway’s maintenance; once you identify the responsible jurisdiction, immediately file an injury claim with them – some jurisdictions will only accept the claim within 30 days after the accident.

Obtain Treatment and Document Injuries

Most personal injury settlement offers are based on the claimant’s medical bills, so get medical treatment and documentation of your injuries as soon as you can for a stronger claim. Never refuse medical care of any kind (this will severely undermine your claim); tell the paramedics about every symptom or pain you feel, no matter how light it is. Go to the hospital with them or right after the accident (thing is, everything must be done on the same day), and ask someone to take photos of your recovery progress. This will convince the jury of the pain you underwent during treatment.

Prepare Your Paperwork

Ask the responding officer for the police report reference number and claim it after it becomes available to pick up, in exchange for a small nominal fee.

Every injury claim requires copies of your medical bills and records, and receipts for personal expenses such as crutches, medications, and bandages. You can also submit treatment and therapy appointments.

Be Careful When Dealing with the Insurance Company

Even if your injuries are limited to scrapes, bruises, sprains, or minor cuts, you can still settle your claim for a fair amount of compensation. It’s simply a combination of your medical and therapy bills, out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, and a limited amount for pain and suffering. Pretty straightforward.

The hardest and most complicated ones are the hard injury claims, as they range from head trauma, spinal cord injuries, permanent scarring, bone fractures, and even internal injuries. An insurance adjuster will tell you that you won’t need an attorney for these cases, but in reality, they’re trying to make lower settlement offers to injured claimants who lack legal representation, as they know that you won’t be able to fight back their “final offer”.

Bike Guardians of Scottsdale will assist you all the way through the claim process and watch your back all the time. We’ll get sure they give you the compensation you deserve and look after what’s best for you.

Bicycle Safety Tips

Our firm will do justice for you if you suffer a bike accident. However, you must also do your best to avoid it, or it might affect severely your life. Arizona has its fair share of bike accidents, so it’s time to be more conscious about it through some nifty safety tips you must keep in mind from now on to avoid the lengthy and complex process that is to file a claim for bike accidents. As lawyers who’ve handled a lot of bike injury cases, it’s our duty to remind cyclists that a bike is considered a vehicle, and thus, you should obey traffic laws as well, taking into consideration, however, some specific points:

1. Always scan the road behind before changing lanes or position within your lane, and don’t move until everything is clear. Equip your bike with rear-view mirrors for this.

2. Pedestrians have the right-of-way, so always ride slowly on sidewalks and bike paths and warn them (with a horn/bell/word) whenever you’re passing through. Same goes when crossing driveways and intersections: slow down and look always for traffic, especially the vehicles turning right.

3. Try your best to ride on a straight line, at least as much as you can, and never against the traffic. You must drive with the traffic, but always staying a car-door-width away and, preferably when there’s not much traffic on the road to avoid bumps or collisions.

4. Avoid road hazards and keep your eyes straight to spot any sewer grates, slippery manhole covers, oily pavement, gravel, ice, cross railroad tracks and speed bumps.

5. Be cautious when turning left. Many motor vehicle drivers can’t see the cyclist taking a left-hand turn with them and may accidentally bump them. Avoid this by either making a signal to the vehicle or simply riding on the crosswalk instead.

6. Last but not least (in fact, this is the most important aspect of all), ride with the proper bike equipment. Wear a helmet and bike gear and get a headlight and taillights to your bike. These will help drivers detect the cyclists in the dark and avoid them. This is the most essential part and the one you must never leave unchecked on your list. You could even take it one-step further by using a video recording device such as a GoPro

Bike accident claims can be complex, exhausting and time-consuming for people who deal with this alone. For this reason, you must get proper representation during your claim with our qualified and experienced legal team. We’ve been on the business for many years and have the knowledge and skills you need to pull off a successful claim for your case. Don’t waste more time and contact us for the best personal injury service you’ll find in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Why Scottsdale, Arizona is Great for Riding Bicycles

Scottsdale is all the goodness packed into one: a cycling trip that allows you to experience shopping, resort amenities, good food, friendly towns, and of course –outdoor activities. Road-biking binge (in spring or winter) should be in your biking trip wish list.

Within the Sonoran Desert, Scottsdale is cradled in the center of Arizona –and the area receiving more rainfall than any other desert which makes it rich with flora and fauna. It’s also a tranquil spot for Scottsdale’s famous resorts. These unique traits make Scottsdale a great place to vacation during spring or winter when the region bursts with bright colors. There’s a number of reasons why Scottsdale should be your next destination for a brief, yet memorable, cycling trip.

1. Lively biking community vibe

You’d find dozens of fellow-riders enjoying the outdoors on any given weekend. Shops scattered everywhere in town hold group rides almost every day of the week. If you bring your own bike, you’d find new friends to show you around. If you feel it’s a hassle to be traveling by your bike, we have a fleet of high-end Trek and Specialized carbon-bikes for rent. Even better, we offer guided and fully-supported road cycling trips. No matter your preference, our local cyclists are only too eager to show you the best riding spots and stops Scottsdale has to offer.

2. Great Roads: Smooth Riding

In history, rainfall causes trouble/damage on the pavement of roadways in many areas, but the lack of rainfall in the desert keeps the tarmac in great riding condition all year ‘round. In the 80’s up to the ’90s, Scottsdale’s population rapidly grew which means there are a lot of wide, good roads that have safe bike lanes.

3. Climbing Included

This part of the Sonoran Desert has elevated terrains –if climbing is what you look for. The short mountain ranges throughout Central Arizona give cyclists the leg-burn they seek. Try the iconic South Mountain and the Tonto National Forest in the north.

4. Cruising for Miles

Cyclists easily hit a 100-mile per day goal on the wide-open roads of Scottsdale Sonoran Desert. Bikers enjoy a mix of undulating roads lined with huge saguaro cactus and the breathtaking view of local communities, undeveloped deserts, and old western charm. Scottsdale’s winter climate is so mild that you can head out right after breakfast and be back in time for an afternoon beer.

5. Culture & Arts plus Relaxation

A small city just down the road from Phoenix, Scottsdale has become a hub for spa destination, resorts, and hotel accommodations. Scottsdale is a charming small city that whatever hotel or resort you pick, it gives you access to beautiful and safe cycling routes.

You’ll find in Scottsdale downtown, on the other hand, a mix of nightlife, old western haunts, small retail shops, green spaces, and museums (don’t ever miss the Taliesin West of Frank Lloyd Wright). If you want to stay at the edge of town, you have easy access to both the city’s convenience as well as the desert’s natural beauty.

5 Popular Bike-Trails in Scottsdale, Arizona

Outdoor Scottsdale for Bike-Trail Adventurers 

Not only a Gold-level Bicycle Friendly Community, Scottsdale is also ranked by National Geographic as one of USA’s top-5 hiking destinations. So, bikers and hikers alike, here are five great spots for you:

1. Gateway Loop Trail (Scottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran Preserve) Away from the city’s bustle, this is a 4.5 mile trail with only 655feet of elevation.

2. Pinnacle Peak Summit Trail (Pinnacle Peak Park) This offers a smooth, wide trail leading up to the summit where you will enjoy an expansive view of the Valley. The roundtrip is a total of 3.5 miles with 1,300 feet of elevation.

3. Lost Dog Wash (Scottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran Preserve). An old jeep-tour route, this climbs to a low ridge into the McDowell Mountains. With a length of more than 5 miles, it has 380 feet of elevation.

4. Go John Trail (Cave Creek Regional Park) A trail that offers a plethora of wildlife scenery, this 6-mile route invites you to see a desert tortoise, jasper-studded hills, a view of nearby Spur Cross Ranch, and blooming wildflowers (in spring).

5. Scenic Trail (McDowell Mountain Regional Park) Great for families, this trail offers a variety of open sceneries without much elevation gain. The roundtrip totals only to 7 miles.

Scottsdale named a Gold-level Bicycle Friendly Community

Do you want to enjoy a holiday at a slower pace? Scottsdale biking should be in your bucket list. Scottsdale boasts of an award granted it by the League of American Bicyclists, an honor no lesser than Gold-level Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) spanning 2019-2023. This was given in recognition of Scottsdale’s commitment to making recreational and transportation resources that benefits its residents of all abilities and ages –while encouraging more sustainable and healthier transport choices.

The mild temperature, both in the mornings and evenings, makes Old Town Scottsdale the ideal spot to explore on foot and by bike. Some sights to see include art pieces for art lovers and perfect spots for coffee aficionados.

Old Town Scottsdale for Art Lovers

There are almost 100 pieces of the collection of Scottsdale Public Art spanning the city. All these permanent art are there for you to feast upon (or capture with your camera). Here are a few favorites: Soleri Bridge & Plaza, The Doors and Sound Passage, Jack Knife, LOVE, and One-Eyed-Jack.

Old Town Scottsdale for Coffee Aficionados

Coffee houses thrive in this city alongside its bars. Here are tour options from local, passionate coffee-high providers:

  • Regroup Coffee & Bicycles (known for their Presta Coffee roasted in nearby Tucson)
  • FourtillFour (this place was born from the love & passion of adventuring in a 356 Porsche & subsequently classic car meetups)Cartel Coffee Lab (best remembered for locally roasted coffee and a lovely afternoon happy-hour which include Arizona beer and wine)
  • Berdena’s Schmooze (known for their avocado toast, waffles, and granola that go with great coffee)
  • Prep & Pastry (with an order of delicious meal guests come for the coffee and stay for the cocktails).

Bike Accident Lawyer in Scottsdale

Maximum Settlement

Bike Guardians, also known as Scottsdale Cycling Lawyers – Personal injury lawyers dedicated to bicyclists in Scottsdale, Arizona. We ONLY specialize in Arizona bicycle law and Scottsdale bicycle bike accidents (not motorcycles only cyclists) and fight for the maximum settlement.

We too, are Scottsdale cyclists and understand the fears associated with riding alongside automobiles. If you have been a victim of a bicycle collision injury and in need of a bicycle accident lawyer Scottsdale – begin our FREE consultation.