Top Boulder Bike Paths

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Boulder is a hub for bicycling enthusiasts, so it should be no surprise that Boulder has plenty of bike paths. From rural to urban, Boulder has bike paths for every taste. Learn more about some of the best bike paths in Boulder, and consider trying one when you have some time.


This 1.9-mile long bike trail begins south of the University of Colorado and ends at the Martin Acres Community. This bike trail is great if you’re in the mood for a quick and easy ride through an urban environment. The concrete trail is paved and generally flat but has a slight incline. Park your car at Martin Park and hop on the trail from there. Read more about the trail here.


This 26-mile bike path provides scenic views of the Rockies and is a popular commuter route. If you are looking for a scenic bike route that connects to other bike routes and public transit, this path is perfect for you. The concrete paved route is popular for bicyclists traveling to Denver from Boulder and back. Though the path is right along the highway, there is grass separating the bicyclists from the highway. This route mostly travels through scenic, rural areas, but also provides access to RTD stations and other bike paths. There are many directions you can take with this bike path. You can hop on at any point and take public transit back if needed. There are multiple places to park your car along the trail as well. Learn more about this bike trail here.


This concrete bike trail is just under 1 mile and runs through mainly residential areas. This suburban bike trail is paved and generally flat, making for a quick and easy ride. If you want a suburban bike ride that’s short and sweet, try this route. This bike path connects to the Goose Creek Greenway if you’re in the mood for a longer ride. This is also a great trail to bring the family on because the trail starts at Elmer’s Two-Mile Park. At the park, there are playgrounds and wide grassy areas. Bring the whole family on a bike ride and end the day with a game of Frisbee. Learn more about the trail here.


This 2.7-mile concrete bike path is a major east-west route that goes right through Boulder. This is a great bike path to take to connect to other bike paths. This bike path connects with Elmer’s Two-Mile Greenway Path as well as the Boulder Creek Path. This trail runs mostly through commercial areas, including the Villa Shopping Center. This trail is great if you’re in the mood for a mid-length bike ride that leads to other trails. It’s a great trail to use for getting around the city. Learn more about this trail here.


This 1.4-mile concrete bike path travels through residential and commercial areas, but provides scenic views of the Rockies too. The trail connects with the Goose Creek Greenway as well as the Longmont-to-Boulder Regional Trail. It also connects to Valmont Bike Park, a park for biking enthusiasts with dirt jumping tracks, a cyclocross course, a slalom racecourse, and more. It’s the perfect path to take if you need to get somewhere but you want to enjoy some scenery on the way. Learn more about this trail here.

Boulder Bicycle Paths

Boulder has so many bike paths to choose from. It’s the product of years of hard work by the city to create bike paths for bicyclists to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a shorter bike ride or a longer one, there are plenty of bike paths for you to try out in Boulder.

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