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If you are injured in a bicycle accident, our team of seasoned Arizona cycling accident lawyers is your best advocate. We’re with you in every step to build the strongest possible claim and present irrefutable evidence of liability. If you need to file a successful claim, let us do the job. Our attorneys are experienced and are always prepared for any type of case.

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We take pride in the way we support our clients and many local organizations, as well as sports groups. We’re committed to your interest and future; we’re invested in utilizing our full resources/skills to get the best result for your claim. If your accident is so severe you can’t travel, we come to you. This includes hospital and home visits.

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We also offer cyclist insurance to protect your bicycle from various types of crashes, losses, theft, and a number of things that can happen to a bike. The roadway isn’t always a friendly place (and too often not safe) for a bicycle, but we can get you protected from unexpected accidents and vehicle incidents.


For many years, as our attorneys continue to provide outstanding service and exceptional results, our firm has been given recognitions/awards by peers, clients, and various rating services. We’re a team of exceptional bicycle accident lawyers because being cyclists ourselves, we are not afraid to fight for your rights.

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Bicycle Accident Claims

After a bicycle accident, you’re entitled to a cycling accident claim for any of the following:

1. Personal Injury

This pertains to all visible physical injuries including broken bones and severe bruising, as well as non-visible psychological damage like depression or trauma – so long that they can be shown as directly caused by (directly resulting from) the accident.

2. Property Damage

You’re entitled to claim bicycle accident compensation if any of your personal effects are damaged in the accident – including helmet, your clothing, exercise equipment, or any additional features/attachments to your bike.

3. Bicycle Damage

If the bike is still repairable (and the cost of repair is less than the bike’s worth before the accident), you can claim costs for repair. But if the bike is damaged beyond repair (or repair cost is more than the actual value of the bike), you can claim compensation that’s equal to its worth before the accident. Note: you must provide the necessary paperwork and written estimates from bike shops before claiming bike damage. Which is always a good idea to keep receipts of your purchases.

4. Loss of Earnings

If you sustained injuries in the crash and forced to stop working, you can claim loss of earnings.

Note: provide evidence of how much income you’re potentially losing because you’re forced to miss work. If you’re a paid employee, your claim should cover all possible sources of income –including basic pay and bonuses. If self-employed, your potential loss of profits can be included. If unemployed and looking for work at the time of the accident, you can still pursue your claim for the potential-earnings lost if your injuries keep you from getting/finding work.

5. Additional Travel Costs

If your bicycle is your main daily transportation and post-accident you had to take public commute/make transport arrangements, you can claim compensation based on traveled mileage.

In all 5 scenarios, you’ll need to secure receipts/other forms of documentation to justify any cycling accident claim. It’s neither easy nor a straightforward process and so it’s more sensible to seek the help of an experienced Arizona bicycle accident lawyer, than try to file a claim by yourself.

What to do When a Car Hits a Cyclist in Phoenix

Here are steps to build a strong cycling accident claim:

1. First and foremost call 911 and request for police and or EMS (to get treatment).

2. It’s crucial that you don’t make a statement to anyone about the accident especially who’s at fault. When the accident happens, anything you say may be analyzed by the car driver’s insurance company as potential evidence against you. Anything you say can be used against you in the settlement negotiations. Now, this doesn’t mean you don’t talk after the crash. If a police officer comes to the crash site asking questions about the accident, be sure to give them your version of what happened and provide your name and address. It’s always best to stay calm in these situations, as emotions can make things worse especially if reacting when upset.

3. Get the contact details of witnesses. If you’re injured and can’t do this yourself, ask someone else to do it for you. When the police arrive, they’d typically get the at-fault driver’s info so you could get that from them later. Always find witnesses and document the information.

4. Ask the police to write the at-fault driver a ticket.

5. Photograph the car and bike. Take also a picture of your injuries.

6. Photograph the accident scene. Be sure to include any broken part (the car’s and your bicycle), skid marks, guardrails, street signs, and any object damaged in the accident. Bystanders/onlookers may have done this as well and you could ask them for a copy of the picture/video they took.

7. Take note of the at-fault car’s plate number. Even better if you could get vehicle info: make, model, year and vehicle identification number (VIN).

8. Note Hazardous Road Condition/s Location info will help verify whether your local municipality or the state was responsible for the roadway maintenance (if the cause of the accident is road obstacle/damage). Once you’ve determined road jurisdiction, quickly and accordingly file an injury claim. Some state/country policies require injury claims to be filed within 30 days after the accident.

9. Keep a copy of the police, medical, and ambulance reports. Together these will serve as supporting documents for when you file a claim for bicycle accident compensation.

10. Talk to a seasoned bicycle accident attorney before making a claim on the driver’s insurance company.

Bicycle Safety Tips: Responsible Cycling Measures

The Bicycle Safety Info on CDC (Centers for Disease Control) revealed that over 500,000 people are rushed to the ER because of bicycle accidents. Plus, over 700 people lose their lives each year from cycling injuries. These staggering numbers can (and should) be reduced by observing bicycle safety. Getting informed and improving safety skills are essential to a safer roadway commute. Responsibility is the KEY to bicycle safety.

ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) provides these bicycle safety terminology and rules:

Bicycle Lane: designated only for cyclists which is distinguishable by pavement markings. It’s also very important to remember using hand signals while on the bicycle lane to avoid collision with other cyclists.

Shared Roadway: open to both bicycles and vehicles which is typically a wide curb lane or a road with paved shoulders. Be mindful of vehicles near/around you and always make sure you’re moving with traffic –not against.

Shared Use Path: open for cyclists, joggers, skaters, and other non-motorized users. Caution: remain at a slower speed when cycling because of the volume of pedestrians and traffic flow.

With these different paths, the most important safety skill is: be constantly mindful. Avoid tuning out the surroundings by listening to music. This is okay given you’re familiar with the path and specific roadway guidelines. Regardless of the path, when cycling at night, it is ever crucial to always wear reflectors on your clothing and on your bicycle.

Phoenix, Arizona: Great for Riding Bicycles

World-class cyclists from around the globe come flocking to Arizona each year to train for their races. And you may wonder why.

The rest of America knows this already–and probably tired of hearing this: Yep! The State boasts of its amazing weather. Even in winter, the temperature is comfortable 23-24 degrees. Arizonians defy the winter outdoors while the rest of the country hibernate for the freezing season. Cycling is the best way to enjoy nature in the sunshine State of Arizona.

In summer, if you think it’s too hot to even walk out on the front yard, Phoenix and Tucson are the two biggest cities in the State which allow bikers to enjoy the luxury of tall, cool mountains just a few minutes’ drives away. There’s Pinetop-Lakeside rising above Phoenix and there’s Mt. Lemmon near Tucson.

Popular Bike-Trails in Phoenix, Arizona

1. CRUISERS: These trails aren’t for fitness but for exploring downtown Phoenix’s historic neighborhoods. These include Willo and Encanto-Palmcroft districts (where houses dating to the ’20s are restored). You can also find your way along the banks of Salt River Project and its web of irrigation canals (with over 100 miles of paved roads and packed dirt-paths crisscrossing Greater Phoenix). These trails require an ‘easy’ skill level.

2. MOUNTAIN BIKING: Being the mountain biking haven, Phoenix boasts hundreds of miles of trails (between mountains and parks) that are mountain-bike-friendly. What’s more, these biking spots take you into the heart of the Sonoran Desert, often only minutes from urban centers.

Top picks include:

a) the 10.7 mile Charles M. Christiansen Memorial Trail (which goes through a series of tunnels that cross under freeways and busy streets);
b) the 4.8 mile Perl Charles Memorial Trail (a more challenging trail which loops the backside of Piestewa Peak; and
c) the 14.5 mile National Trail at South Mountain Park which follows the mountain’s ridgeline.
Other options for competitive tracks are at White Tank Mountain, McDowell Mountain, and Estrella Mountain regional parks. These trails require a ‘moderate to difficult’ skill level.

3. ROAD BIKING: For those up for an adventure and don’t mind 10-20 miles of riding, bikeable routes, and bike lanes lead from downtown Phoenix out to different parts of town –even to different neighboring cities. Here are the top picks:
a) To the East, there’s Papago Park if you want to see sandstone buttes and visit the Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden.
b) To the North of Greater Phoenix, there’s Skip Rimsza Paseo of Sonoran Reserve. c) To the South, there’s South Mountain Park (with its 16,000+ acres of mountainous terrain and desert).

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